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Flourenized Obscure Entrients
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Punk, Pop, J-pop... anything loud really. Oh, and Clasical. <3
Favourite cartoon character: Kenren, Hazel, Sho Minamimoto, Joker (kuroshitsuji), Lau, Jasdebi
  • Listening to: The cab - take my hand
  • Reading: More stuff about Sugar
  • Watching: HETALIA! &lt;(still)
  • Drinking: Tea (I drink tea a lot. ._.)
Loll stolen from :iconyue-e:
yay for procrastinating from studying finals. 8D; *shot*

Your best friend is Belarus [.... ;_; scaryyy]
You have a crush on N-Italy [ahhaa... sure..? 8D he is cute..]
You hate Japan [WUT? NUUU ILU Nihon!! don't listen to them!!]
You get bullied by Germany [...that's understandable. ;_; ]
You are scared of Finland [O_o! .... XDD ahhahaaa.]
You go out with for 5 seconds China [ahaha wonder how that went? xD]
You get a confession from Latvia [awww... o_o;; I don't know what to say..]
You get in a fist fight with Turkey [Yes I don't exactly like him..]
You had a one night stand with Turkey [WAIT WUT? AFTER WE HAD A FIGHT? EWW]
Your first boyfriend is France [EWWWW.. EWWW... D; ..... whhyyy?]
Everybody graduates but Japan [.... ._. well.... ]
You marry Iceland [oh hay. 8D; <3 ]
Your first kid name is Molly [D; that name.. it burns...]
You get in a dispute with Finland [is this because I'm scared of joo..? >> ]
You get out of the dispute with the help of Greece [ahh thank you. 83 <3 ILU]
You have an affair with Finland [wait.. aren't I scared of him? Dx]
You get caught by Austria [Dannggg.. D:'' ]
The chances of them telling
68% [I'll never trust you again Austria. Dx]

Your husband finds out about the affair, he feels Annoyed [Nooo, they liee!! ILU Iceland. D:'']
You two get divorced, you drown your sorrows with Hungry [that's what galpals are for. T_T]
The percentage of you two doing a one night stand
64% [uhmm... Yuri night? 8D; ]

You move in with Prussia {EEIII.. DON'T INVADE MY VITAL REGIONS. DX]
You start having feelings for Greece [HEHH. WAY PAST "start having feelings for"... more like.."want to marry and have kids with"... >>']
You get a confession from Spain [aww... ilu bby. ;_; ]
The percentage of you excepting their feelings
80% [wait.. if i have such a high % of accepting.. WHY'D I SAY NO? D<]

You say no, they then go out with Switzerland (oh hay... spainXswitzerland.. nt bad. 8D; ]
The percentage of you like them two together
37% [mmm I like em together... hehhe]

You get ambushed by Sweden [D: .... ahhhhh.... hi thar..?]
The chances of you getting out of their alive
82% [hehe, you got nothing on me. >8D]

You unxpecting get glomped by Prussia [NOOO, MY VITAL REGIONS! DX]
You are lonely, you get a Drink of beer
Drunk, you kiss Spain [xD well if it aint you.. how's switzerland?]
Percentage of how much they liked the kiss
85% [percent of how much I liked it..? 100% <3]

You have a huge war against Austria [well that's for ratting me out and ruining my marriage with iceland. D<]
Your chances of winning
10% [.......well I'll be damned.. >>; ...RUN!]

You die by France raep [o_o;; *shivers*]
The only person not to go to your funeral is America [D: WHYY..?? you better have a good reason for this. >>; ....]
This person is the most devastated by your death Russia [...... ok.....?]
This person is the most happiest that you died Austria [I hate you. >>; ]
This person is the master mind of your death Belarus [MY BEST FRIEND? D; this is like a soap opera... ]
Who you liked your life
97% [.... yeah, twas fun~]



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I hope you don't mind but I uploaded one of the pictures I took of your Poland cosplay to my account.

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Oh no of coarse not. 83
Thanks for uploading btw~!
so cute~ ahh Poliet. > u< <3
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No prob, you make such a cute Poland. ^__^
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Hey there:D This is a note I'm sending out to all of my watchers, to let them know that I have moved.
No deviations submitted yet, but that should soon change, thankyou if you decide to watch me on my new account.
PatrickStumpKoala Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2009
This is Iceland from AE, right? =) I'm Sandra's other friend, the one that was dressed as Canada for Saturday and Sunday!
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